Robert Wilmote (AkA) NDO Champ At The Arnold Classics 2019

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The Arnold Classic 2019 was amazing!

The 2019 Arnold Classic is one of the most significant bodybuilding events this year. People from all around the world travel to either compete or become spectators. If you're into fitness and love pumping iron, then this is the place to be.

Watching so many pros under one roof was amazing. Everyone had flair and charisma. But one person stood out over the rest and that person is Robert Wilmote (AKA) NDO CHAMP who is sponsored by BPI Sports supplement company.

NDO Champ was born in Liberia during the civil war that erupted in the late '90s where thousands of people lost their lives. NDO Champ and his family were fortunate enough to make it to America unharmed. He then had to fend for himself as a young man and had to fight for his place growing up on the harsh streets of Brooklyn. He now resides in Newark New Jersey.

NDO Champ Finds Fitness

He worked his way to becoming one of the worlds top fitness personalities on both the East and West coast in America. And of course, becoming the voice for the motherland of Africa.

Robert is known for his high energy and his drive to keep pushing no matter what. I mean the guy got shot in his leg years ago a few days before a show, and he still got on stage and dominated the scene. Even though his Doctor told him not to. Most people would have curled up in bed and cried like a baby.

He has a few mantras that will make you want to get up off your ass and get to work. The two that stands out the most is N.D.O, which is short for No Days Off. NDO Champ has motivated and inspired thousands of his fans ranging from Lawyers, Ceo's, Officers, High school College students, and more.

He tells his 143k plus followers on Instagram to keep on pushing no matter what! Which leads me to his next mantra which is the backbone of this man's drive.

You might want to sit down or stop reading this if you're easily hurt. This might bother you if you're someone who isn't the best shape of your life and you're sensitive to words... Ok, I warned you.

NDO Champ's big mantra is "Stop Looking Soft, Stop Looking Sloppy" OUCH.

I don't know about you, but that alone makes me want to hit the gym ASAP. I don't want my daughter calling me soft or my wife saying I'm looking sloppy. Thank you - but- no thank you.

Because of his hardened mindset, NDO Champ maintains a show ready physique all year round leaving no room for looking sloppy. Yet he still finds time to eat his junk food without compromising his look. He says "There is no such thing as an off-season".

The Arnold classics have never been so fired up and energized until this man went on that stage.

He lit the place on fire, and everyone who came out to see a show got what they paid for and more. The fans of others were cheering for the competition of their idols. He stepped on the stage for the Arnold Classic as an amateur for the first time in his bodybuilding career, and he placed 2nd in the Super heavyweight division.

And get this! He wasn't even supposed to be in that division due to some mishaps of his placement. Way to go Champ!

Even though he has some ways to go before getting his pro card, He still came out and did what he did best which is bringing the HEAT!

The judges were fascinated by his physique and his monster energy on stage. This is just the beginning for Robert Wilmote (aka) NDO Champ.

Things are going to expand quick for this man, and I am going to be there through his journey. The last mantra I love from the Camp is 'Muscle Through The Pain". This is his program title where he teaches his clients how to get the body they deserve and how to keep on pushing no matter what! No Excuses!!! You can click this link to gain exclusive access to his online training program if you're ready to stop looking soft and stop looking sloppy. You can also follow his story on Instagram

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